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How to lose weight
in 30 days
Specially designed training program for girls,
which is effective for experienced and beginners
How To Lose Weight For 30 Day
80 stretching exercises and 30 days of training. The exercises are arranged in ascending order of difficulty.

Our course will help you do fitness, quickly lose weight at home, remove the stomach and sides, tighten the chest, hips and buttocks
Benefits of home workouts:
Save time
You do not need to waste time on the road to the gym, especially this is an urgent issue for residents of large cities. And if you are attending group classes, then there is no need to adjust to the set training time.
Save money
First, you don't need to spend on a gym membership. For those who are not sure that they will be able to visit the fitness club regularly, this is one of the most important arguments. Second, you save money on travel
Psychological comfort
If you are embarrassed to train in front of strangers due to poor physical fitness, then home workouts will be an excellent solution for you. Exercising at home, you can not worry about pushing up from the floor, for example, is an unsolvable task for you
One cannot fail to mention the convenience of home workouts: you do not need to go anywhere, take great care of your appearance and sportswear, plan your day depending on going to the gym. You can practice even in the early morning, even late in the evening - everything is at your discretion.
Dream figures. Start now!
Hurry up to fulfill your dream before the end of the year.
Every second you get closer
A good habit

It takes 21 days to develop a good habit, so every home workout program is designed for three weeks so that physical activity becomes an integral part of your life and helps you find the shape of your dreams and helps you lose weight.

Every day you will find a new workout plan with different home exercises for losing weight on the abdomen, sides, legs, hips, buttocks.

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Keep progress with nutrition and sleep
After 30 days, do not quit your workout. On the contrary, keep practicing while maintaining your progress. Don't forget to eat and sleep properly to help your body recover
What our customers say ❤️
Sarah Lewin
Shop consultant
I learned about this program from a friend, looked through her photos before and after, I want it the same way!! So, I bought a course and started training
Gregory Tabot
I learned about the program last year, immediately bought it and began to study it. The result is cool, so I continue to train. I advise if you are still thinking
Jess Simpson
Hairdresser in a beauty salon
Thank you very much, I got rid of 9 kg of fat in a year!
About the program
Learn more about the course and access. We are constantly adding new materials so that you always have progress
Author's methodology from a certified coach with higher education in sports.

Compiled under the supervision of an orthopedic surgeon. Suitable for any age and field of activity
Training sessions
80 stretching exercises and 30 days of training. The exercises are arranged in ascending order of difficulty.

Each workout begins with a warm-up and ends with key exercises.
From anywhere in the world. At any convenient time, according to the package purchased

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